Wee Jasper / Micalong Creek

We had a quick trip down to Wee Jasper over the ANZAC Day long weekend with a few friends. A great spot for the family and easily accessible by all type of vehicles, which makes it quite popular, especially on the public holidays. Nonetheless, we chose to set up at the Miclong Creek Camping Area (co-ordinates and details below).

This camp site offers great camp sites right beside the Micalong Creek, which only a few hundred meters down stream flows into the Goodradigbee River. This river offers some good options for fishing with plenty of secluded sections of the river with deep holes and lots of structure. Dropping in a few pots should also yield see some good size yabbies.


A short walk up stream will lead you to Micalong Falls which are worthwhile seeing. Quite a nice spot for a swim (in summer) with several small water holes. To reach the best vantage point for the falls requires a small climb up a rock face which has had steel “steps” installed into it, this offers an interesting challenge with 3 kids, but achievable. Just remember to not leave your beer sitting on top of the rock when you come back down.

There is plenty of trails and tracks to explore in the area, with the Brindabella state forest as well as the Kosciusko NP nearby. We only took a small drive south from Micalong Creek in an effort to locate a somewhere to cross the Goodradigbee River to get across to McIntryres Hut and Flea Creek camp grounds. Evidently the closest publicly accessible crossing was approximately 15km upstream near the locality of “Brindabella” (not a town). There is another crossing north of this which is very close to McIntryres Hut, however it is gated off and only accessible through private property.

All in all, this is a great spot within a few hours of Sydney making it easily accessible for a weekend trip and an easy (although steep and winding) drive towing even the biggest caravans in.