The World's First Unified LED Lighting Platform
Livid's LightSYNC is the world’s first design platform engineered for the operator. The very core of every luminary has been designed to deliver unrivalled consistency and driving pleasure, allowing you to relax and enjoy the job at hand.

LightSYNC looks beyond performance statistics. Smooth ISOlux gradients, natural colour temperature and rock solid construction are a part of the entire Livid range. Each luminary is built with congruent optical pattern, allowing you to choose your desired lighting solution with total continuity.

The LightSYNC platform results in totally unique driving experience. Uncompromising and never ordinary, we invite you to enjoy a dynamic experience with the road ahead, making the drive at night intuitive.


LightSYNC’s computer generated optics project clean, usable light, rendering your world with pin-sharp clarity and refined colour gradients.

We’ve developed a 10° parabolic spot reflector and a patented 36° free form flood reflector to maximise ISOlux performance while delivering plush peripheral cover.

By embracing day-like Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 70%, LightSYNC technology illuminates everything in technicolour with smooth, balanced coverage, no matter your configuration.

LightSYNC celebrates the technical limits of optical physics through design, performance and phenomenal driving dynamics.


The aluminium PCB board allows for superior electrical conductivity and redundancy. Each PCB is designed with individual circuitry for each chipset, protecting the LEDs from voltage spike and fusion.

Top BIN rated Cree XM-L2 chipsets are driven by the next generation of electrical circuitry. This enables the LEDs to operate at 97% of the input power with complete reliability and stability.

The LightSYNC design platform eliminates interference with other instruments in proximity with 100% electromagnetic and radio frequency protection.


LED junction temperatures reach up to 150°C. Hot spots within LED luminaires decrease performance and result in premature failure.

To ensure junction temperatures are dissipated efficiently, LightSYNC integrates Dow Corning thermal paste to instantly engage the thermal mass of the heatsink housing.

To ensure the 50,000 hour life expectancy of the chipset is maintained, each unit is digitally simulated in different environments to refine the heatsink configuration. This ensures longevity and reliable, consistent performance - no matter the circumstances.


Copping the brunt of the natural forces that the typical unit will see, the LightSYNC platform must also be robust and resilient.

To ensure robusticity of the unit, Dow Corning silicones and rubbers have been integrated. This also allows efficient thermal conductivity whilst guaranteeing the unit stays in accordance with the Ingress Protection 68 specification.

Internal pressure is regulated by a GoreTex breather whilst water tight Deutsch plugs connect the unit to the power source. Anodized aluminium and 100% polyester TGIC Black Powder Coated housing guarantee superior UV resistance and high abrasion resistance.